Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Clear container (bowl) with water that has yellow food coloring added to it, salt in a salt shaker or small container, 1/4 cup Cheerios, red food coloring, 1/4 cup mini marshmallows, and 1/4 cup of any small balls that float (this lesson is from Macmillan - Our Bodies Science Activities).

Index File Card

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Science 17

We talked about our hearts and lungs and the job that they do. What do the heart and lungs do? The heart pumps blood to all the different parts of our body. Let's talk about blood. If you get a cut, what color is your blood?  We see the color red. We are going to pretend that this liquid (yellow colored water) is our blood. It is yellow though not red. That is because the liquid part of our real blood is a yellowish color. It is called plasma. This plasma is where all the other blood parts float. One thing that this plasma part of our blood contains is salt and other chemicals. So let's add some salt. There are still other things that float in our blood that are important for our bodies. First there are billions of red blood cells that look like donuts. There are so many of them floating in the plasma that it makes the plasma look red. We will add the red blood cells to the plasma, and the red color they have (add Cheerios and a few drops of red food coloring). These red blood cells have the job to carry food and oxygen to different parts of the body. Remember that oxygen is from the air we breathe with the help of our? Lungs. Next we have what are called white blood cells. Their job is to help fight germs that can make us sick (add marshmallows). And finally, we have what is called platelets (add balls). The job of the platelets is to  help us stop bleeding if we get a cut or other injury.



Blood Activity

Second Circle:

Need for Lesson - A book about squirrels and any squirrel material and art you would like. Have a review about Fall, highlighting squirrels. 






Squirrels (coffee tails)


Acorn Art


Acorn Art

Practical Life:

Squirrel Scrubbing

Acorn Transfer


Squirrel Scrubbing 




Whisky Frisky

Whisky Frisky hippety hop
All the way tothe tall tree top
Whiirly twirly round and round
Quickly scampers to the ground
Furry curly what a tail
Tall as a feather broad as a sail
Where's his dinner? In a shell
Snappety crackety out it fell

Gray Squirrel

Gray squirrel, gray squirrel
Shake your bushy tail
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel
Shake your bushy tail
Wrinkle up your furry nose
Put a nut between your toes
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel
Shake your bushy tail

Five Little Squirrels

Five little squirrels with acorns to store.
One went to sleep and then there were four!
Four little squirrels hunting acorns in a tree.
One fell down, and now there are three!
Three little squirrels wondering what to do.
One got lost, and now there are two!
Two little squirrels tossing acorns just for fun.
One got tired, and now there is one!
One little squirrel playing in the sun.
He ran away, now there are none.


Five Little Squirrels 

I found the squirrels and acorns at a craft store and made this poem into a work for the Poem Basket.