Artist: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of a dessert, desert color paints, paper, and precut cactus shapes, glue, the United States Montessori Map, and pictures of Georgia O'Keefe's art. (

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Art 2

Georgia O'Keefe was an artist who was from the United States. This is the map of the United States. She was born in the state of Wisconsin (show Wisconsin). She has made some beautiful paintings of big large flowers and of some building from the state of New York, remember that is where the Statue of Liberty is (show New York). Georgia O' Keefe also lived in New Mexico (show New Mexico). There is a musem you can visit today in New Mexico all about her and her paintings. The state of New Mexico is mostly desert. What is a desert? Look at these pictures of a desert, what do you notice? Georgia O'Keefe enjoyed painting desert scenes very much. Let's look at some of them. We can also make a desert painting. You can paint it the way you would like your desert to be.

Demonstrate art card set and painting work


Desert Pictures


Georgia O'Keefe Art Set


Desert Paintings


O'Keefe Art


Poppy Flower Art (highlighted in this lesson)

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson -  Stomach and small intestine pictures to add to the body outline.

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Science 18

Today we are going to add our last pieces to the body outline. Let's talk about what happens when we eat. When you eat, your food goes on a journey through your digestive system. It starts with your mouth when you are chewing and swallowing your food. The pieces of food travel down the esophagus to your stomach. Your stomach is a muscle that works hard to break the food pieces into much tinier ones. Your stomach has special juices inside of it that help to digest, or mash and mix up your food into these tiny pieces. After the food is all digested it then travels to the small intestine where it becomes more mixed and mashed and is watery and runny. The food you eat is full of nutrients or goodness that your body needs to stay healthy. Inside of the small intestine nutrients from the food go into your blood. The blood carries all the good parts of your food to different parts of your body. Your food travels to the large intestine after it leaves the small one. When your food finally reaches the large intestine it is mostly wast e, all the good parts of the food have been taken out. So eating good healthy foods are important for our bodies.

Add stomach and small intestines to body outline and draw out the large intestine



Stomach and Intestine for Body Outline