Zoology: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Bat Matching Cards (I made a set from a bat coloring book) and pictures of bats.

Index File Card

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Zoology 6

Boys and girls, can you think of a mammal that can fly? A mammal that has wings? Bats. Bats are mammals even though they have wings like a bird, they are mammals. How do we know? Lets look at this picture of a bat. Bats have fur, and the babies drink it's mothers milk. There are over 1,000 different kinds of bats. Bats can be found on all of the continents except Antarctica. They may live in a tree or a cave. What do you think bats like to eat?  Some will eat lizards, fish, frogs, and fruit. But most bats eat bugs.

Bats are nocturnal. What does it mean to be nocturnal? This means that during the day bats sleep in caves, barns, or even under bridges. How do you think they sleep? At night, bats fly out in search of food. They rely on a special sense called echolocation. Can you say echolocation? Bats make high-pitched shrieks and cries, then listen for the echoes coming off objects in their paths. This helps them to find food, even tiny insects.

Demonstrate Bat Matching Cards




Bat Matching


Bat Pictures


Additional Works:

Hanging Bats - I asked a friend to make me a mini clothesline. I made little bats out of craft foam. The children hang them upside down on the line.

Parts of a Bat - Three-part matching cards (MontessoriPrintshop.com)


Clothespins - Hanging Bats


Parts of a Bat (Montessori Print Shop)


Bat Puppet - I can't remember where this bat picture is from but, you can use any that you have. Children can color their bats and glue them onto a popsicle stick to make a puppet.

Bat Printing - This is a cut out in the shape of a bat for printing. I hot glued a wine cork to them for a handle.


Bat Puppets


Bat Printing


Deep in the Bat Cave (tune - Down by the Station)
 I made some bats out of craft foam and we use them for this song.

Deep in the bat cave
Early in the evening
See the little black bats
Hanging in a row
Now it's getting darker
Time to leave the cave
Zip zip zip zip
Out they go


Bats for Circle Time

Spanish: (second circle)

We will begin learning some Spanish. I will sometimes use the second circle or the last one of the day for simple Spanish lessons. We will be learning the names of colors, foods, animals, etc. Most schools have a Spanish teacher that comes in and gives lessons to the children. I still like to do some simple Spanish lessons and provide a work that goes along with them. I do not know Spanish, but I am able to read the words and I keep it to just learning the names of things or people.

Need for lesson -  The book, What is Your Language  (which is actually a song, so we read it, and then sing it periodically throughout the school year. It is one of the songs for International Children's Day at the end of the year) and color matching cards in Spanish.

Talk with the children about the many different languages that are in the world and that we will be learning some different words in Spanish beginning with colors.


Spanish Color Three-part Matching