It is either Autumn by this time or will be shortly. We will talk about Autumn, however, I save pumpkin works and talk about why leaves change color in the next few weeks. In upcoming Botany lessons, the pumpkin plant is used to learn the parts of a plant, and when we talk about the leaf, we then find out in more detail why leaves change color.

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Signs of Autumn Card Set ( and Fall Tree coloring page.

Index File Card

can be cut and pasted onto an index card for quick reference


Science 11

Very soon we will have a new season. What season will it be? Fall. Some people call Fall by another name, Autumn. Have you noticed any changes in the weather yet? What does the weather feel like in the Fall? The weather starts to get cooler. So this cooler time after a hot summer has two names. Fall and Autumn. It is called Fall because leaves start to fall of the trees. Berries and nuts fall off too. There is a special name for the kinds of trees that have leaves that change color and fall off. They are called Deciduous. Can you say "Deciduous"? 

What kinds of things do people do in the Fall? (harvest gardens, wear warmer clothes) The animals are busy in the Fall also. Many animals get ready for the Winter in the Fall. They are busy hunting for berries, seeds, nuts, and other foods to hide so they can eat them during the cold winter when food is hard to find. Sometimes animals have to travel to different places where they can get food in the Winter. They have to change their homes in the Fall. Many birds that live where it gets very cold fly to warmer places for the Winter. They will come back in the Spring when it warms up and they can agian find food. We call this migration.

Some animals like squirrels do not migrate but they find warmer places to live, like a hole in a tree. This is where they put some of the nuts they gathered to eat in the winter.

Demonstrate the Fall Tree work.




Fall Tree Coloring Page


Fall Leaf Painting - Cut sponges into the shapes of leaves. Have red, orange, and yellow paint for children to dip sponges in and make leaf prints on green or white construction paper.

Marble Painting - Have pre-cut green leaf shapes out of construction paper. A shoe box or other container with a lip to fit paper in. Three marbles. Red, orange, and yellow paint that is watered down a little. Three small spoons or eye droppers. Marker or pencil. Children write their names on green leaf shape. Place it inside the box and then drop the colors of paint they would like onto the paper. Drop in the marbles and move the box so the marbles roll around and paint the leaves.

Fall Booklet - This is a booklet in the shape of a circle which is fun for the children. It is from The children count the Fall objects and wirte the number of objects on each page.

Fall Wreath - Children create wreaths with real or fake leaves.


Fall Leaf Painting


Marble Painting


Leaf Stamping


Wreath Art / Story




Additional Works:

Fall Sensory Tub

Leaf Matching - Make a matching or concentration game with fall leaf stickers. Use card stock and laminate.

Acorns 1-20 - On a tray or in a basket have acorn cut outs with the numbers 1-20 on them (, register tape, scissors, and a pencil. Children need to put numbered acorns in order 1-20. Roll out the register tape to the length of acorns and cut it. Copy the numbers onto the resister tape.

Leaves 1-10 - Children can count the leaves on each card and place it under correct number.

Fall Leaves Matching - These are postcards from New Hampshire. Just buy two sets and you have a matching work.

Fall Booklet - This is a booklet in the shape of a circle which is fun for the children. It is from The children count the Fall objects and wirte the number of objects on each page.


Sensory Tub


Leaf Matching


Leaf Matching


Acorns 1-20


Leaf Counting 1-10


Fall Matching


Fall Booklets


Practical Life:

Fall Flower Arranging
Acorn Tweezing
Fall Tree


Flower Arranging






Fall Tree


 Leaves on the Trees (tune - Wheels on the Bus)

The leaves on the trees turn orange and brown,
orange and brown, orange and brown
The leaves on the trees turn orange and brown,
all over town
The leaves on the trees come tumbling down,
tumbling down, tumbling down
The leaves on the trees come tumbling down all through the town
The leaves on the ground go swish, swish, swish,
swish, swish, swish,
The leaves on the ground go swish, swish, swish all over town

Leaves (tune - Did You Ever See a Lassie)
     Have a basket of leaves and pass one out for each child to twirl their color leaf during the song

Did you ever see a tree, a tree, a tree, did you ever see a tree in the fall
There are red leaves, and yellow leaves, and orange leaves, and brown leaves
Did you ever see a tree, a tree in the fall
The red leaves all fall down, they swirl to the ground
Did you ever see the wind blow a tree in the fall

(continue with each color leaf until all the children with their leaves have fallen to the ground)


Botany: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Samples of real bulbs, one per child to plant, and pictures of bulb flowers.

Index File Card

can be pasted onto an index file card for quick reference


Botany 6

During autumn time some people like to plant bulbs. This is a bulb. A bulb is different than a seed. How?  Remember we talked about how inside every seed there is tiny baby plant waiting to grow. As it grows we see the leaves and roots start to grow also. The seed may be that of a flower or fruit. But it has to grow and become that flower or fruit. Well, a bulb already has its parts inside. They just are not growing yet. Let’s look at the parts of bulb. All the parts of the bulb flower are already in here, they are what we call dormant right now. That means they are not growing. It is when a plant has a time of rest. During this time of rest, or it being dormant is a good time to plant the bulbs so they can rest in the ground. They will stay like this all during the fall and winter season. When the air begins to warm up after winter, the bulbs will begin to grow. All its leaves and the flower that is in here (show bulb) will grow up out of the ground. They will grow up right out of the ground to make a beautiful flower garden.

We are going to each get one bulb to plant outside. We have to wait for them to grow for a long time. We won’t see them come out of the ground until the calendar changes about 6 or 7 times! We have to be very patient for these flower bulbs to grow!


Additional Works:

Bulb Booklet - A very nice little booklet you can print out and make. It is from


Parts of  Bulb Booklet (MontessoriPrintShop)

This is the booklet I was in the process of putting together. I thought a picture of some of the pages would be good to show rather than just the booklets cover. The rings are from I use them to bind all the little booklets I make for the classroom, they are great!






Bulb Coloring Pages

Hyacinth Flower Painting - Children can paint the stem and leaves and use a wine cork to dot paint the flowers along the stem.  


Coloring Pages


Bulb Flower Art