Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson -  Book: Apples and How They Grow, (or book about apples) Apple Sequence Card Set, an apple and a knife.

Index File Card

can be cut and pasted onto an index card for quick reference


Botany 5

We recently learned about the word History. History tells us about things that happened in the past. A man from the past was named John Chapman. He lived long ago, so now he is a part of History. He is a man that became known as Johnny Appleseed because he was known to plant many apple trees. We are going to learn about apples today.

Today we are going to talk about apples. There are so many different kinds of apples. During the season of Fall many people go apple picking. It is the time of the year for the apples to be harvested. Let’s look at the parts of an apple. As we look at our cards we will also take this real apple and try to find the parts on it. I wonder how many seeds we will find?

Demonstrate Apple Sequence cards, and using the apple identify and talk about the parts of the apple. Read the story Apples and How They Grow.


Apple Sequence Three-part Matching (

Additional Works:

Apple Sequence Booklets - Children can make their own little booklet.

Simple Subtraction - Have basket of apple erasers on a tray with subtraction sheets, and a pencil. (I write in the minuend and subtrahend depending on the child's level or have cards they can choose form and write the entire problem out themselves). Children can use the erasers to find the difference.

Apples 1-10 Counting - Ten apple tree pictures cards with numerals on them 1-10, 55 cut apple shapes from craft foam. Children place apple tree cards across mat in order 1-10 and count out the apples for each tree.

Apple Eating Sequence - Apple Eating Sequence cards. Children have to put the cards in sequential order of the apple being eaten. Be sure to put numbers on the back of the cards in the correct order so children can turn the cards over to check their own work.

Apple Pattern Cards - I made cards using green, red, and yellow apple pictures I had from The Mailbox Magazine many years ago. Children look at patterns and add last apple to complete the pattern.

Apples 1-12 - In a basket I have apple cards with the numbers 1-12 on them, a roll of register tape, scissors, and a pencil. Children put the apple cards in order from 1-12. They then roll out the register tape to the length of the apple cards and cut it. Now they can write the numbers from 1-12 on the register tape.

Apple Color Sorting - I have had these for many years through The Mailbox Magazine. They are just a picture of a little basket and after laminating them just use an x-acto knife to cut a slit for the apples to stick out of the barrel.


Apple Sequence Booklet (


Simple Subtraction


1-10 Apple Counting


Sequence Cards


Apples 1-12




Apple Color Sorting

Practical Life:


Tonging - Apple bowls are from Hobby Lobby. Children can tweeze red balls from bowl to bowl.

Apple Painting / Cleaning - Children use a paintbrush with water to paint or clean the apple.

Eye Dropper






Apple Cleaning




Apples - Have pre-cut apple shapes, white paper, brown stems, and green paper to trace child’s hand, scissors, brown marker, and glue stick, and copies of poem (below). Child traces one hand and cuts it out. They then glue pieces to make an apple, using brown marker to make seeds on the white flesh part of their apple. Glue poem onto apple.


This little apple that you see,
was made just for you by me.
This is the only one like it in all the land,
because for a leaf, I used my own hand!


Apple Art


Apple Art

Apple Prints -  Cut two apples in half (you will only need three of the four halves, so enjoy eating the other forth). Green, red, and yellow paint on paper plates, brown paint, pencil, 2 paint brushes, and large sheets of white construction paper. Children can make apple prints on their papers and then paint green leaves and brown stem on the tops.


Apple Prints

Collage Style Apples - Children can glue pieces of colored paper to small paper plates to make apple art. This is a nice simple glue stick work for younger children, especially closer to the beginning of the school year.


Apple Art

Tissue Paper Apples - Provide pieces of green, yellow, and red tissue paper. You can have older children cut their own pieces. Children place pieces on contact paper apple shapes.


Art Table


Tissue Paper Apples

Dot Apple Art - Children can use an apple outline to paint dots on the lines to make apple dot paintings.


Dot Apple Painting


Five Red Apples ( I made this into a felt board poem for circle time and/or work choice.

Five red apples hanging in a tree
The juiciest apples you ever did see
The wind came by and gave an angry frown
And one little apple came tumbling down

Four red apples hanging in a tree
The juiciest apples you ever did see
The wind came by and gave an angry frown
And one little apple came tumbling down

Three red apples hanging in a tree
The juiciest apples you ever did see
The wind came by and gave an angry frown
And one little apple came tumbling down

Two red apples hanging in a tree
The juiciest apples you ever did see
The wind came by and gave an angry frown
And one little apple came tumbling down

One red apple hanging in a tree
The juiciest apple you ever did see
The wind came by and gave an angry frown
And one little apple came tumbling down


Five Red Apples Poem

Apple Song    tune - ‘Up on the Housetop’  (source unknown)

Up on my apple tree off the ground, I spot an apple, big and round,
Climbing up the apple tree, holding on tight, I pick an apple and take a bite!
Oh, oh, oh what a treat! Oh, oh, oh, ever so sweet!
Down from my branch away I go. Thanks to the apple tree for fruits they grow.

Additional Work:

Apple Apple

Apple apple nice and round
Pick and apple, make its sound.

I found this poem game on On the site you can download some apples to cut out and laminate. I decided to make my own set. I also made an extension of this idea with pumpkins found in Week 8 Day 4. Children can choose an apple card from a basket or some like to flip all of them over on a mat and choose one as they say the poem and then make the letter sound.


Apple Poem Game


A Little Red House with a Star Inside  (hide until ready to use during the story - red apple, knife and cutting board)  Source unknown, another teacher shared it with me many years ago.

Timmy was a little five year old boy. He often grew tired of his toys and wanted something new to do.

One day he asked his mother for something new to do. Mother was busy, so she told Timmy to go out and try to find the secret little red house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside.

Timmy looked in the yard and all around. Finally he decided to ask his friend Mary to help. She was older and often helped Timmy out. Timmy could not find Mary anywhere.

He decided to go Farmer Brown’s big red barn. Mr. Brown often helped Timmy with different things and maybe, just maybe, the red barn was the little red house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside. Mr. Brown said that it wasn’t and that he should go ask Grandmother. She was older and wiser than anyone he knew and she always liked to help people.

Timmy went to Grandmother’s house. She was sitting on the porch knitting something red. Timmy wondered if that was the little red house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside. Grandmother said it wasn't and that she didn’t know, but why didn’t he go and ask the wind. The wind is very wise. It travels far and wide, and knows many things.

Timmy thought it was foolish to ask the wind anything because he knew the wind couldn’t talk, but if Grandmother asked the wind questions he would try. He must hurry and find the little red house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside. Sure enough the wind did not answer, but Timmy could feel the wind pushing him. He wondered if this was the wind’s way of talking. He went along the road with the wind pushing him. He was pushed right into a big apple tree. The wind blew and blew an apple right off the tree which fell at Timmy’s feet. (take out apple) He picked up the apple and wondered if this was the little red house, with no windows, no doors, and a star inside.  Timmy rushed home with the apple. “Mother, is this the little red house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside?”

Mother took the apple and cut it across (cut apple). Sure enough, there was the star inside the little red house with no windows and no doors!


Cut Apple to Show Star Inside


Science: (second circle)

Need for Lesson - A variety of apples; Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji and any others that you would like (enough for each child to have a taste of each), plates, napkins, knife, cutting board, gloves, and a poster or picture of a tongue showing the taste buds.

Index File Card


Science 10

Today we are going to talk about our last one of the five senses. Can you tell me what it is?  Yes, we are going to talk about the sense of taste. We taste with our tongues.There are tiny little bumps all over the tongue called taste buds. Inside of them are nerves that send messages to your brain about what you are eating. There are four main types of  taste: sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. All the things we eat are made up of one or more of those four tastes. We are going to do apple tasting today. We have different kinds of apples that all have a little different taste to them. (pass out napkins and plates). As you cut each apple explain that this is an apple tasting so we only get a small sample taste of each apple. Name each of apples you are tasting and ask if they like it, does taste sweet or sour?  We are going save the seeds from the apples we are cutting and tasting. We can plant them. What is inside all seeds waiting to grow?

Have children plant apple seeds in cups if you would like. You can have apple cut-outs, have children write their name on it and glue it to their cup.


Apple Tasting


Apple Tasting


Planted Apple Seeds


Apple Tree (Do hand motions with song)

This is the tree
With leaves so green.
Here are the apples
That hang in-between.
When the wind blows
The apples will fall,
Here is the basket to gather them all.

Apple Seed (author unknown) Tune: "Eensy Weensy Spider"

Once a little apple seed
Was planted in the ground.
Down came the raindrops
Falling all around
Out came the bright sun
As bright as could be
And the little apple seed
Grew up to be an apple tree!