It is the end of the school year and perhaps there are graduation activities being planned and /or last day parties. I am putting these review cards here on the last day of the curriculum. Use them when and how you feel it would be best for your children during the end of the school year.

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Geography 63

Need for lesson - Continent Globe or Hemisphere Map

Looking at our globe, we found out that the yellow continent is called Asia. Some of the countries we talked about were China, Japan, and India.

What were some things you remember about China?

What about Japan? Which language do they speak in Japan? We found out about a special plant that many people in Japan have. It is like a tiny tree. Do you remember the name of that kind of plant?

There is a special kind of writing that is common in Japan and China, what is that called?

This red continent is called Europe. When we 'visited' Europe, we found out that there are two special building that many people go to in Europe. Can you think of what those two buildings are named?

Many famous artist came from Europe. A special kind of art that we learned about is called a Mosaic. What is a Mosaic?

Remember we talked about many animals that are common to Australia, the brown continent. Can you think of some?

What do they call girls and boys in Australia?

Which of the seven continents did you enjoy learning about?



Botany 40

Need for lesson - A flower to review the parts of a flower.

We learned many things about plants. What do plants need to grow? How do plants get food? What do we call it when plants make their own food?

Remember the day we made tea, wasn't that fun? Is tea from a plant? Which part of a plant is tea made with?

Lets look at this flower, can we name the parts of a flower? Which kind of flower do you like best?

What about herbs? What are they?

Remember the play, "The Seed Story?" You all did such a great job!

We also learned about farms. There are different kinds of farms. If you were a farmer, which kind of farm would you like to have?

Different kinds of plants grow in different kinds of environments, or habitats Can you think of a plant you would find in a desert?

I was thinking about those plants that eat things like insects, do you remember what kind of plants those are?



Science 82

Need for lesson - Earth model showing layers of the Earth.

We have learned about our teeth. How can we take good care of our teeth?

Simple machines are tools that help to make work easier to perform. One kind of simple machine is a lever. Scissors are a kind of lever. Other simple machines are pulleys, inclined planes, and a screw. A ramp would be which kind of simple machine?

We talked about the layers of the Earth. Can we remember the names of these layers?

The moon has different phases. When you look up into the sky at night and see a big round moon, it is called a?

We also talked about the season of Spring. What are some things that happen in the Spring?

One day we tossed some paper clips into the air and they all fell down to the floor, why is that? What is that force called that pulls things back down?

We also learned about some important Scientist. One of them learned many things form studying chimpanzees. Two of them invented flying. Can you remember their names"?


Zoology 53

We learned that animals are put into special groups because there are so many all over the Earth! We found out about those that have a backbone are called vertebrates. Then we found out that there is another group called invertebrates, These do not have a backbone. Spiders are in a group of invertebrate animals called arachnids. Which group of animals would a butterfly be in?

How many legs does an insect have? How man body parts?  Can you think of other kinds of insects?

Bees are a kind of insect. How do bees help flowers? What food do we enjoy that bees make?

Hermit crabs are a kind of invertebrate called a crustacean. Can you think of any other crustacean animals? I am thinking of some that live in the ocean.

It was fun to talk about mollusk animals. Many of these live in the water. An octopus is a kind of mollusk. We also found out that when we are at the beach and we collect something..these were made by mollusk animals. What is fun to collect at the beach? The empty shells we find at the beach come from mollusk animals that have died or left their shells.

Something else we talked about are pets. There are many kinds of pets, what are some? What does it mean to be responsible pet owner?