Science: (first circle)

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Science 81

Recently we have talked about Summer. There are many Summer activities that families enjoy. One of the them is swimming at the beach, in a pool, or even at a lake. How can we be safe while we are at the beach or a pool? It is important to be safe near water. Something else that is good to remember, is that if you get to go out in the water on a boat, you want to wear a life jacket. What is a life jacket? How do you think it can help you?

Another Summer activity is bike riding. How can we be safe while riding a bike? Helmets are very important, why do you think that is?

How can we be safe around a campfire? We also want to be sure we stay close to the campsite where your family is. Even if you are riding your bike at a campground, it is important to wear your helmet.

We mentioned being safe around a campfire. Do we know the number to call if we have an emergency like a fire? 911. We have been practicing fire drills at school. They help us to know what to do in case of a real fire. We need to know how to get out of the building safely. Some families have practice fire drills at home too.Maybe that is something you could practice this Summer with your family.

Safety rules are important to follow. Just like we have rules at school, there are rules that help us to be safe during fun activities. We want to follow the rules this Summer for all of our fun Summer activities!



Summer Safety Booklet