Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of camping equipment; tents, coolers, flashlights, hiking boots, sleeping bags, etc. (can be found in a camping brochure or through the Internet)

Index File Card

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Science 80

We have been talking about Summer. Today we are going to be talking about Summer activities. What are some things people like to do in the Summer? Swimming is very popular. Going to the beach is fun for many families. Bike riding, hiking, and fishing are some others. Let's look at some pictures. Which Summer activity do these pictures make you think of (show and name pictures)? These pictures make us think of camping. Raise your hand if you've been camping before?

Camping is a fun Summer activity for many families. Some people will set up their tent, and camp out in the mountains, woods, or desert. Many people camp at a campground. They have campsites all set up for you to go and set up your camp. Some of the sites are ready for a tent to be put up on and others are made for campers, or an RV to be set up on. A campground often has many sites with a place to set up tents, a fire pit,and a picnic table. Most campgrounds have playgrounds and bathrooms with showers. Some campgrounds also have pools and a recreation room. That is a building with rooms for playing games in. You can bring your bike to most campgrounds and ride it around the campsites.

At night many people light a fire and enjoy sitting around it talking or singing, and roasting marshmallows. Have you heard of a snack called S'mores? This is a snack you make after you roast a marshmallow, you put it between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate. The hot marshmallow makes the chocolate melt a little so it is like a chocolate and marshmallow sandwich. 

Some people like to rent little cabins to camp in. Many of these are found in campgrounds that have a lake. People can go fishing at the lake. There are different kinds of camping. Tent, RV, and cabin. Different kinds of camping may have different activities. Hiking is fun to do when you camp in or near the mountains. Hiking is done on special trails. You walk along the trails, and some will take you to the top of a mountain. Maybe some of you will be going camping this Summer!



Camping Pictures

Additional Works:

Camping Matching - I made this with stickers.




Nature Headbands - If you can, take a little "hike" around your school or playground. Before leaving, talk about the safety of staying on
path or trail. Children can gather small things such as leaves and twigs to make a nature crown with.



Additional Works:

Minin Logs - Children can design and build with mini logs.

Log Pencils - Children can draw pictures of what they like about camping or what they would like to do if they were camping.


Mini Logs



Practical Life:

S'mores Snack - Provide mini marshmallows, mini graham crackers, and pieces of chocolate for children to make a S'more trail mix.


Five Little Campers

Five little campers, sitting in the sun.
The first one said, "Let's have some fun!"
The second one said, "Let's for a swim."
The third one said, "I'll ask a grown up to watch while we go in."
The fourth one said, " Let's get on our safety vests."
The fifth one said, " We are the best!"

Circle Time Game:

Camper Camper

One child is it first, they sit in a chair, facing away from the circle. Under the chair is an empty bug spray bottle. Choose another child to go over and take away the bug spray while child in the chair closes their eyes. Child with bug spray then hides it in their lap. When ready, all children say the poem:

"Camper, camper, where's your bug spray?
Someone took it from your tent!"

Child in chair turns around and has three tries to guess who took the bug spray. Child with bug spray now places it under the chair and sits down in it in. Child who was in the chair chooses the next friend to take away the bug spray.

Second Circle:

Need for Lesson - A log and the book, A Log's Life.

Talk again with the children about hiking and some of the things you might see in the woods. Trees that have fallen can be found on the ground. What happens to these branches.  Read the story and allow children to explore the logs.


Log Discovery


Log Exploring


Log Exploring