Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Items that are important to have for the Summer (sunglasses, hat, water bottle, sunscreen, etc.)

Added to the basket after the "Summer" lesson, are items that are important to each season like mittens and a scarf for winter, rain boots and an umbrella for Spring, a sweat shirt and small rake for the Fall. Also need name cards of each season. (If you can get these seasonal items in miniature size that would be great, as children will just sort them according to each season they represent.)

Index File Card

can be pasted onto an index file card for quick reference

Science 79

We have been talking about school ending and Summer time that will be coming. As we think about Summer coming we want to be ready for it. There are some important things we need to do and have for the Summer. In my basket I have some of those items that we can talk about. This is sunscreen. Sunscreen is important to have, especially in the Summer, why do you think that is? The sun is much hotter and stays out longer in the Summer so we need to protect our skin. The sun is very strong and can burn your skin. Sunscreen will help to block the rays that can burn our skin. In my basket I see a pair of sun glasses. Why are these important for the Summer? Sun glasses help to protect our eyes from the strong rays of the sun. Eyes are sensitive and the sun is so strong that it can cause damage to our eyes. Sun glasses help to protect our eyes. Hats are another good thing to wear in the Summer. How does a hat help us? I also have a water bottle. We know how important it is to drink plenty of water. It is important to drink even more during the Summer months. Why do you think that is important to remember?

In my basket I have other items and name cards with each season on it. We can look at the items in our basket and organize them according to which season they are important to think about and have ready as the season approaches.

Demonstrate Season Basket work.

Additional Work:

Summer Hats - Children can paint and decorate Summer hats.


Hat Art 


The Sun

The sun loves the earth, the sun loves the earth,
Hi ho the derrio, the sun loves the earth.
The earth loves the tree, the earth loves the tree,
Hi ho the derrio, the earth loves the tree.
The tree loves the bird, the tree loves the bird
Hi ho the derrio, the tree loves the bird.
The bird loves the flower, the bird loves the flower,
Hi ho the derrio, the bird loves the flower.
The flower loves the bee, the flower loves the bee,
Hi ho the derrio, the flower loves the bee.
The bee loves the honey, the bee loves the honey,
Hi ho the derrio, the bee loves the honey.
The honey stands alone, the honey stands alone,
Hi ho the derrio, the honey stands alone!

Botany: (second circle)

Need for Lesson - Any watermelon materials, books, and snacks. A watermelon starter plant in a small pot would be great to show the children.

Have a fun watermelon day! Talk with the children about how many people enjoy eating watermelon in the Summer. Have a watermelon snack and acitivites. Cut up the watermelon during the lesson and discuss the parts of a watermelon card set (


Watermelon Lesson


Watermelon Art


Watermelon Game


Watermelon (tune- Are You Sleeping)

Watermelon, watermelon
On the vine,
Green and nripe and juicy,
Green and ripe and juicy,
Please be mine,
Please be mine.