History: (first circle)

Need for lesson - A library card and a book to use as you talk about books.

If you can, plan a field trip to the library. Some children, have not been to the library, especially those who may be younger in your classroom. I like to do this lesson on the library near the end of the school year for a few reasons. Some of the children may not continue with you for Summer School, or they may be leaving your classroom, so I find it is a good time to encourage going to the library over the Summer and join their Summer Reading Programs.  Also by this time, many of your children can write their name and possibly get their own library card!

Index File Card

can be pasted onto an index file card for quick reference


History 11

Yesterday we talked about a man who invented the Dewey Decimal System, even though he wasn't a Scientist. Do we remember his name? Melvil Dewey. How did he help libraries? Raise your hand if you've been to the library before? A library is a wonderful place where you can go and look at many books. You can even borrow some and take them home. How does the library know who took which books home? If you would like to borrow books from a library you need a library card. This is my library card. You can get a library card when you are able to write your first and last name. So if you can, and would like a card you can ask your mom or dad to help you to do that. If you are close to writing your name, keep practicing and soon you will be able to get one too.

If you take books home from the library, it means you are going to be responsible for the books. What does that mean to be responsible for the library books? You need to take care of them and keep them in a safe place so we do not lose them. You are allowed to have the books for a certain amount of time. It may be for three weeks! Then you return them on time so other children and adults can have a turn to check out the books.

Let's look at these books and talk about what you find in and on a book. This is the cover. The cover tells you the title of the book. What is the title? It also says the author's name. Who is the author? What about the illustrator, who is that? Some books will have a table of contents at the beginning of the book. This tells you what topics or subjects you can find inside of the book. An index is found at the back of the book. An index tells you where to find the topics in an informational book. Not all books will have an index or a table of contents. Which ever kind of books you choose, it is very important to take good care of all the books you borrow from a library.

Are there rules to follow in a library? A library is a quiet place. People go there to read books, newspapers, magazines, or use the computer. Libraries have music Cd's and movies as well that you can borrow. When we are at a library we want to be respectful of the rules and the people that are there. So we always use our walking feet and whispering voices if we need to talk.


Additional Works:

Library Cards - Have mock cards made up and children can practice writing their names on the back of them.


Library Card Samples