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Need for lesson - Pictures of the Wright brothers with some of their planes.

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History 9

We have been talking about some Scientist this week. Today we are going to find out about two special brothers. Today we can see many airplanes ans jets that fly across the sky. Thousands of planes fly around the world every day. But it wasn't very long ago that people thought that humans would never fly. They thought that flying was something only birds, bats, and insects could do. But people can fly today in airplanes. It took two brothers named Wilbur and Orville Wright that helped people to be able to fly. When the young boys they were known by their friends as boys who could build and fix things. Together they opened a bicycle shop where they built and sold bicycles. At night these two brothers used their brains and tools to study the possibilities of flying. They heard about another man in the country of Germany that built a glider, a plane with no engine that is carried by the wind. These two brothers decided to build their own glider. That first glider they built flew low tot he ground and crashed.

Wilbur and Orville didn't give up. They kept working and kept coming up with new ideas. Soon they built another plane, but not a glider; this plane had an engine, to turn propellers. They called their new plane Flyer I. The two brothers couldn't decide who should fly the plane first so they flipped a coin to find out. Orville won. It was on December 17, 1903 that their new plane lifted into the air and Orville was able to fly for 12 seconds! They were able to fly the plane that day more than one time and during one flight the plane stayed int he air for 59 seconds, almost one minute!

The Wright brothers kept on flying. They built new airplanes and flew the for audiences in France and the United States. By 1908 they were famous around the world for their flying machine. So next time you see an airplane in the sky or fly in one, think of the Wright brothers who helped people to fly.



Pictures (I used this book to show some pictures to the children)

Additional Work:

Paper Airplanes - Help the children to make and decorate paper airplanes.

Wood Airplanes - Provide the children with popsicle sticks and other small pieces of wood (found in craft stores) to design their own model airplanes or you can find small wooden ones at craft stores. They can paint them and name them as well.


Paper Airplanes




I'm a Little Airplane by Leanne Guenther

I'm a little airplane, way up high
With my great big silver wings, watch me fly!
When the pilot tells me, I'll come down.
Swooping and gliding, to the ground.

If I Were An Airplane (finger frolics)

If i were an airplane, (Extend arms from shoulder, hold up)
Flying way up high.
I'd tip my wings (Bend body, one arm up and the other one down)
To make a turn.
As I go zooming by!