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History 6

We have talked about some people that lived long ago, they are a part of History. This week we are going to talk about other people from the past. One of them was a man named George Washington Carver. He was a scientist a long time ago. He was born sometime in 1860’s. He really enjoyed learning about plants and flowers. He had and took care of his own little garden. People began to notice that he had a gift for growing things.They would call him the “plant doctor” and asked him to help them with their own gardens.  In 1894 he graduated from college and went to teach at a school in Alabama. He was very happy to have a place to study and plants and agriculture. We found out about agriculture when we talked about different kinds of farms. Agriculture is the science or practice of farming.

Carver wanted to help farmers. Farmers that grew cotton, were having trouble growing healthy cotton. Carver told them that they needed to improve the soil by planting other crops. He told them they needed to grow peanuts. People laughed and called peanuts monkey food. No one ate peanuts a long time ago. In his laboratory he learned how peanuts could be used to make things like shoe polish, soap, shampoo, and ink. He found over three hundred ways to use the peanut, including peanut butter. So if you eat peanut butter or peanut butter ice cream, think of George Washington Carver!



George Washington Carver

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