Zoology: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pet Matching Cards (a different set or you can use the same set to look at and review with from Week 38 Day 2).

Index File Card

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Zoology 52

We have been taking about pets this week. If you decide to have a pet you need to take of the animal you choose. What do we call it when you take care of something, your being? Responsible. Pets depend on you to take care of them. Animals that live in the wild, such as a forest, take care of themselves, but a pet depends on you to feed it, keep it clean, healthy, and safe. What are some ways we can keep a pet such a snake safe? What about a rabbit?

We recently talked about community workers. A person who works in a pet shop is also a community worker. They have many pets and cages to take care of. They also would need to know about the animals. Why do you think it would be important for them to know about the animals? If we wanted to go and buy a pet lizard for our classroom we would have some questions about lizards and the pet store worker would be helpful to us in answering our questions. Maybe we want to know which kind of lizard would make the best classroom pet? We may also want to know which food is best to feed the lizard and what kind of things we need for their cage. The worker can help us with making good choices for the classroom pet.

If you like animals, then working in a pet shop could be fun job for you.


Pet Matching (kidssoup.com)

Additional Works:

Pets 1- 10 Counting (discountschoolsupply.com sells a tub of pet animals)

Pet Shop - If you have a computer that the children use, a good computer game, for younger children, is called Pet Shop. Some schools I worked at in the past had a computer in the room and others did not.

I had a timer by the computer which set a limit on how long they could be on the computer and also used a clothespin system. (A piece of ribbon is tacked to the wall on the left side of the computer and another piece of ribbon is tacked to the right side of the computer. Each child has a clothespin with their name on it, clipped to the ribbon. When it is their trun, they take the clothespin off the ribbon and place it next to the computer. When their turn is finished, their clothespin now gets clipped to the ribbon on the right side of the computer to keep track of who had a turn and who did not.)

Language: (second circle)

Need for lesson - A book of your choice along with an Art or other acitvity.

In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming


In the Tall, Tall Grass

I asked my husband to draw some of the animals from the story. I made copies and cut them out. Children colored some grass on their papers and the glued the painted animals in the grass.



Additional Work:

Grass Heads - Have the children decorate a paper cup. Add some soil to the cup and plant some grass seed. Once the grass grows, the children have fun giving their grass heads a 'haircut'. It will continue to grow, so they can have fun with this for awhile!


Grass Heads