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Geography 54

Yesterday we talked about astronauts. Being an astronaut is a kind of job. There are so many different jobs that people can choose to do. What do your parents do for their job? People who work at their jobs are community workers. What is a community? A place where people live is a community. A city is a large community. A city has many neighborhoods. People live and work in communities all over the world. When people work at their job they are helping other people. So all the people who live in an area make up a community and the people who work in it are community workers. Workers get paid money for what they do. There is also what is called volunteer workers. Those who do volunteer work do not get paid money, but they enjoy helping others in the community. Maybe they volunteer their time at the library to help put books back on the shelves.

Let's look at some pictures of community workers and talk about their job and how they help the community.


Community Workers


Community Worker Coloring Pages

Community Workers - Provide a variety of magazines for the to children look through and cut out pictures of people as community workers and glue them onto construction paper to make a collage.

Community Worker Puppets - These are cute puppets to make using craft sticks. I found them on


Coloring Pages


Community Worker Puppets

Science: (second circle)

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Discuss the pictures as you review all things regarding space that you've covered or would still like too.


Astronomy Card Set


Week 37 Day 3-5:

Continue with community workers, choosing one or two that can be highlighted each day and discuss that particular job and how it helps a community. This can be a good time to spend a few days on workers at the zoo as well.

Here are some ideas for Communtiy Workers, there are so many things you can do with this unit study. Have Fun!



Fire Station and Post Office


A Farmers Many Jobs


Matching Tools with Jobs


Communtiy Worker Matching(





I Live in a City  by Malvina Reynolds

I live in a city, yes I do,
I live in a city , yes I do,
I live in a city, yes I do,
Made by humans hands.
Black hands, white hands, yellow and brown,
All together built this town.
Black hands, white hands, yellow and Brown,
All together make the wheels go 'round.
Brown hands, yellow hands, white and black,
Mined the coal and built the stack.
Brown hands, yellow hands, white and black,
Built the engine and laid the track.
Black hands, white hands, brown and tan,
Milled the flour and cleaned the pan,
Black hands, white hands, brown and tan,
The working woman and the working man.