Art: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Artist, Manet pictures.

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Art 20

We have learned about different styles or types of art and the names of some famous artist. Today we are going to talk about a style of art called Realism. This kind of art is when the subject of the artist is shown in a realistic manner, they want their painting to look as real as possible. Realist artist chose thing to paint from everyday life around them. They paint things exactly as they appear in life.

One such famous realist artist was a man named Edouard Manet. He was a French artist that lived over 200 years ago. He painted scenes and people from everyday life in Paris. Paris is in Europe, the red continent on our Continent Globe.

He became friends with some other famous artist, like Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. We have talked about them before, so maybe their names sound familiar to you. Some of Manet's later paintings had many Impressionistic elements to them. This means that some of his paintings had more of an Impressionism style to them than a realism style. Remember that the Impressionism artist paintings gave you the 'idea' of what they were painting, so the subject they painted sometimes looked a little fuzzy.

Sometimes Manet  would be out to a cafe with friends and he would just look around and pick something or someone to draw while he was eating. He then he would make what he drew into a painting. Manet painted over 400 paintings! One of his most famous paintings is called "The Lunch on the Grass". Let's look at some of his other paintings and find out what he named them.



Manet Paintings

Additional Works:

Manet Water Color - This is from the book,  Art Masterpieces to Color. Children can use water color paints to paint the picture.


Manet Water Color Painting


Realism Pictures - Provide a tray that has 'special paper', pencils, and paint on it. Explain that if during the day, the children saw something or someone, that they felt like drawing, take this tray and draw what they see. Then after they draw their picture, they can use the paints to turn the drawing into a painting and give it a name, just like Manet used to do.


Drawing / Painting

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Solar System Three-part Matching Cards (

Have a review of the Solar System and demonstrate card set.


Solar System Three-part Matching


Four Little Stars

Four little stars
Winking at me,
One shot off, and then there were three!
Three little stars
With nothing to do,
One shot off, and then there were two!
Two little stars
Afraid of the sun,
One shot off, and then there was one!
One little star
All alone is not fun,
It shot off, and then there were none!