Zoology: (first circle)

Need for lesson -  Real seashells with a magnifying glass.

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Zoology 48

We have some beautiful seashells on our tray. What are seashells? Seashells are made mostly made of calcium and other materials found in the ocean. Most animals that live in or have shells, we found out are called mollusks. The empty shells you find at the seashore or beach comes from mollusks that have left their shells or have died. So shells were once the home or protective covering of a mollusk. The shell is formed in layers when the mantle part of a mollusks body secretes a substance that hardens. Seashells come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are two main types of seashells, univalve and bivalve. Univalve means a shell that is not hinged or joined together, it is complete all by itself. Bivalve means a shell that has two pieces that are hinged together.

It is fun to collect seashells for a hobby. It is fun to sort out a collection of seashells. Let's sort out these shells by there type, univalve or bivalve. Shells can also be sorted by their shape, color, or size.

It is fun to collect shells if you go to a beach. Can you think of other fun things to do at the beach?





Shell Chart

Additional Works:

(Some of these works I have out on the shelves in August when school starts, because it is still Summer, and I do not like to put Fall things out until it is really Fall. So they come back out during this unit study. These are nice simple works for the beginning of the year as well.)

Seashell Matching - This is made from stickers.

Seashell Counting 1-10 - Children line the numerals across their mat from 1-10 and then count out the seashells.


Shell Matching


Shell Counting

Practical Life:

Shell Scrubbing - Children can scrub and clean a large seashell.

Seashell Sifting - In a bowl mix some sand with tiny seashells. Using a sifter, the children can sift the shells out of the sand into another bowl.

Shell Sorting - These are from a craft store.


Shell Scrubbing


Seashell Sifting


Shell Sorting


Shell Stamping - I found these at a craft store.

Shell Frames - Many craft stores sell small shells and plain frames. The children can design a picture frame with seashells.


Shell Stamping


Shell Frames


Five Little Seashells

Five little seashells washed up on the shore,
Along came a wave and then there were four.
Four little seashells as happy as could be,
Along came a wave and then there were  three.
Three little seashells all shiny and new,
Along came a wave and then there were two.
Two little seashells lying in the sun,
Along came a wave and then there was one.
One little seashell left all alone,
Put it in your pocket and take it home.

Zoology: (second circle)

Need for lesson - The book, Shells! Shells! Shells! and shell pictures to paint (lucytravels.com)


Shells - Story and Art


Shell Art


Shell Tray


Sea Shell

Sea shell, sea shell,
SIng a song for me
Sing about the ocean,
Tell me about the sea.
Sea shell, sea shell,
When I hold you near,
I can hear the ocean
Whispering in my ear.