Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of carnivorous plants ( flytrap, pitcher, and sundew types). A real one if you have available.

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Botany 36

When we talked about animals in the past we at one time learned that some are herbivores, some are carnivores, and some are omnivores. What does it mean to be an herbivore? What about a carnivore? An omnivore means that the animal eats both plants and meat, or other animals. Plants make their own food through photosynthesis. But their are some plants have an appetite for a different kind of meal. Some plants carnivorous plants. What kind of plant do you think that is? Think about animals that are carnivores and then think about what it must mean for carnivorous plants. They eat meat! Though meat-eating plants live in so many places around the world, their habitats share one characteristic: water. Almost all carnivorous plants grow in wet, poorly drained soil such as in swamps or bogs. they grow close to rivers, oceans, and even ditches along roads!

There are quite a few different kinds of carnivorous plants. There are basically three types of functions that these plants have. The first type of plant is the Flytrap. This is where an insect will be trapped by moving parts of the plant. The second type of carnivorous plant is the Pitcher Plant type. These plants uses the shape of a long pitcher to act as a trap that an insect falls into and then cannot get out. Liquid is at the bottom of the pitcher that the insect can't get out of. The third type is called the Sundew. These plants have glands that excrete sticky fluids that attract and trap insects with their stickiness.

What do you think about these kind of plants? Meat-eating plants?



Carnivorous Plants (from Carnivorous Plants by Kim T. Griswell)

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