Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of various gardens or a book with some.

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Botany 30

Does anyone have a garden at home? There are different kinds of gardens. A garden is a planned space usually outdoors, for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. We talked about Japanese gardens before. You can have a fruit and vegetable garden. Many people like flower gardens. Other kinds of gardens are water gardens, cactus garden, shade garden, an orchard is a type of garden, some people just plant an herb garden.It is okay to combine different things into a garden also. You may want a vegetable garden with herbs in it or flowers. Gardens can be unique because each person who makes a garden, designs it the way they would like it to be. Maybe they want to have a little pond in a corner of a flower garden. It is fun to design and make a garden. A garden can be small or large, the size doesn't matter.

Most gardens have some kind of plants. Plants start out a seeds. Some people like to go to a garden shop type of store, or nursery, and buy plants that have already began grow from seeds. They may have just started growing, or they may be plants that have grown a lot. May they want to buy small bushes or rose plants to add to a garden. Other people like to start their own plants with from seeds. They often begin to plant them in early Spring.  When these are big enough and the air outside has warmed up, they can then plant them out in the garden. You can also wait for the weather to warm up enough, and plant the seeds directly in the ground of your garden space.

Let's look at some pictures of gardens.



Garden Pictures (library resources)

Additional Works:

Garden Sequence - The children place vegetables in the garden by following the sequence cards. I laminated the pieces and staples one over the other to form a pocket for the vegetables to slide inside of. (from

Vegetable/Fruit Matching Cards (from 

Bean Plant Sequence (


Garden Sequence (


Matching Cards (


Matching Cards (


Bean Seed Sequence


Garden Drawings - Children can design and draw out their kind of garden.


My Vegetable Garden

In the Spring I dig in the soil (act out digging).
And rake it very fine (act out raking).
I plant the seeds, one by one (act out seed planting).
And hope the sun will shine (arms overhead).
I water them (act out watering),
I pull the weeds (pretend to pull),
And soon the plants come up (push hand up through fist).
And when the vegetables grow,
I eat them up (rub tummy)!

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Kinds of Rocks (from Have a brief review of the different kinds of rocks. Demonstrate matching cards.


Kinds of Rocks Three-Part Matching Cards

Additional Work:

Kinds of Rocks Booklets -  I found these booklets from The Amazing Earth Model Book - Scholastics.

Rock Designs - Provide a container of rocks. The children can design and explore with the rocks on a felt mat. I place two felt mats on the tray for one or two children to work with the rocks at a time.


Rock Booklets






The Rock Cycle  by Saraiya and Jack

Igneous rocks are formed by magma when it cools.
It is not made by humans with tools.
Sedimentary rocks are different rocks put together.
They are made by weather.
Metamorphic rocks are rocks that change.
The way they change is really strange.