Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson - A variety of different flowers, real or pictures.

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Botany 28

We have learned about the parts of a flower and how bees help to pollinate them. There are over 270,000 kinds of flowers in the world! What are some ways that flowers are used? Gardens, gifts, food (cauliflower), medicines, bees can make honey, and even states, like where we live, all have a flower that represent the state. (Our state flower is...) We are going to talk about three different groups or kinds of flowers. They are in these groups because of the time they bloom and for how long they bloom. Annual flowers are those that you plant each year and their flowers can last for a long period or the season of Spring and Summer. These kind of flowers have to be planted again next time Spring comes to have them again in your garden. Perennials are flowers that once planted produce brillant flowers over a number of years.  A rose is a kind of perennial flower. A Biennial flower is one that doesn't blossom at all during the first growing season and dies after the second.

Flowers can either bloom as single flowers or in a cluster. There are so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which flowers you may want to plant in a garden. Another kind of flower is bulbs. We planted some bulbs in the fall, that we will soon see growing, as it is close to Spring time.

Some flowers grow better in a dessert habitat and others grow best in a tropical habitat. So in places on Earth different kinds of flowers grow. A cactus flower grows best in the desert and not in the rain forest. We say they are native plants to the area they grow in.

Let's look at these different kinds of flowers.


Flower Pictures

Additional Works:

Flowers 1-10 - Children count the flowers on the cards and match the numerals.

Flower Booklet (source: I cannot recall, will add when I do!)

Clothespin Flowers - I found these felt flowers at a craft store, aren't they cute?

Flower Shadow Matching - (from as a worksheeet)


Flowers 1-10


Flower Booklet


Clothespin Flowers


Shadow Matching (


Flower Rubbings - I found these at a craft store. I like the rock crayons, they work great for rubbing works.

Coffee Filter Flowers - Using coffee filters, watered down paint in a spray bottle, and pipe cleaners children can make a bouquet of flowers.

Hand Painted Flowers - Trace child's hand, cut them out and have them painted by the children. To make the vases, gather small jars and
                                      use cut pieces of tissue paper with watered down glue for children to decorate.


Flower Rubbings


Coffee Filter Flowers


Hand Painted Flowers and Vases

Botany: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Flower Matching Card set (, flowers seeds, soil, and pots for the children (as a group or individual planting), and a spray bottle.

Discuss the names of the different kinds flowers as you go through the flower card set. Talk with the children about planting the seeds and how to water them lightly with the spray bottle. Review what things the seeds need in order to grow. Have fun planting!


Flower Matching Cards


Seed Planting

Additional Works:

Flower Arranging - If possible have fresh cut flowers and small vases for the children to arrange some of the flowers and place them throughout the classroom.

Flowers - These flowers were from The Mailbox Magazine and I just made this work with them, slicing the laminate where the tope of the pot is to slide in the flowers.

Botany Shelf - I thought I would just add a picture of what the Botany shelf may look like during this time of the year.


Flower Arranging




Botany Shelf


Coloring  Flowers

Flowers - To make the stems have green paint on a small paper plate with a toy truck or car in it. Run the car tires up the paper to make stems. Sponge paint flowers onto the stems.


Flower Coloring


Flower Art


Seed Surprise!

Seed so tiny, underground. (children make body into a tight small ball)
Raindrops gently falling down. (children wiggle fingers over head)
First a shoot. (children shoot one arm upward)
Then a bud. (children put second arm over head)
Then a flower burst up fro the mud! (children stand and spread arms over head in a circular motion)