Zoology: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of grasshoppers, Parts of a Grasshopper booklet or other grasshopper work.

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Zoology 38

This is a picture of another kind of insect. What kind of insect is it? A grasshopper. How do we know it is an insect?  There are over 17,000 different kinds of grasshoppers in the world! Grasshoppers are medium to large insects. Their back pair of legs are muscular and used for jumping. There are two main groups of grasshoppers: long-horned and short-horned, determined by the length of the antennae. Grasshoppers have five eyes. Two large eyes are on either side of their head. Then two are found on the end of each antennae and the last eye is between the antennae's.

Female grasshoppers are larger than the male ones. They also have sharp points at the end of their abdomen to help them lay eggs under the ground. After they lay their eggs, the females just go away, they do not need to take care of the babies when the hatch. The babies go through the change of metamorphosis to grow to look like adult grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers eat a variety of plants and some only eat grass. Some of their predators, or other animals that like to eat them are, birds, lizards, spiders, and rodents. Some grasshoppers make sounds by rubbing their wings together. They are related to crickets, which also make a chirping sound when rubbing their legs together. Have you heard the chirping of crickets or grasshoppers before?  When you do hear them, know that it is the male ones that make the chirping sounds!

Demonstrate Grasshopper Booklets or other related work.



Grasshopper Pictures (from: Bugs! and Grasshoppers by Kristin Petrie)


Parts of a Grasshopper (Montessori Catalogs)

Additional Works:

Insect Bingo - I believe this is from kidssoup.com


Insect Bingo


Little Cricket

The first little cricket played the violin
The second little cricket joined right in.
The third little cricket made a crackly song
The fourth little cricket helped him along.
The fifth little cricket cried, "Crick-crick-cree"
The orchestra is over and it's time for tea.

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Sample picture of mosaic art.

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Geography 45

We are going to look at two kinds of art that is often seen in Europe. One is called a Mosaic. Looking at these pictures, we can see small pieces of tile, glass, or stone that is placed in such a way that it makes a picture of something. So a mosaic is the art of creating images with the assemblage small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.They are arranged in such a way to create a design or a picture.

Another kind of art seen often in Europe is Stained Glass art. Stained glass is glass that has been colored by adding metallic salts to it and then small pieces of this colored glass are used to create designs or pictures. The term stained glass is also applied to windows that have been painted on to create a design or picture on. The design or pattern is created right on the window itself. 

These types of art are commonly seen in many countries of Europe like Italy, Spain, Russia, and France.



Mosaic Sample


Mosaic - Have grid or plain paper and small pieces of foam or other material cut into squares for children to design a pattern with or a picture. I also have bought small mosaic glass pieces at a craft store and the children placed them into a container lid full of glue to make coasters.

Stained Glass - Provide a variety of small cut pieces of tissue paper, watered down glue or liquid starch,and small glass baby jars or little vases. Children can create a colored stained glass look to decorate the vase or jars with.


Mosaic Art


Mosaic (beans)


Mosaic Art


Mosiac Art


Tissue Paper Art