Art: (first circle)

Need for lesson -  Mommy its Renoir Art Post Cards - Surrealism set or pictures of Surrealism paintings.

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Art 17

We have learned the names of different kinds of art. The art style describes a type of art. We looked at Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Cubism. Another style or kind of art is called Surrealism. These kind of paintings have a dreamlike look to them. Surrealist artist like to paint as if  in a dreamworld. So the paintings may seem to not make any sense. They may be of things that are not real or a combination of real and things that aren't real. It takes a lot of imagination to create these types of paintings. 

A famous Surrealist painter was a man named Salvador Dali. He was born in Spain which is a country in Europe. His most famous painting is called The Persistence of Memory. He painted clocks that were melting. Another painting is called Swans Reflecting Elephants. Dali not only painted but also liked sculpting, making jewelry, and photography.

Paul Klee was also a famous Surrealist artist. He mixed a bit of cubism style art with the surrealism style. He was born in Switzerland which is also in Europe. When he was young he loved music and thought he would be a musician when he grew up. One day his grandmother gave him some chalk he would draw often. When he was a teenager he decided he enjoyed drawing more than playing the violin. He made mostly pen and ink drawing and so his pictures didn't have much color until one day he took a trip and discovered color and light. After that his paintings changed to have many beautiful colors in them. "To paint well is simply this: to put the right color in the right place", is something that Klee said about painting.

Let's look at some Surrealism paintings.



Surrealism Art Set


Paul Klee - Children can make castles using shapes, based on Paul Klees' painting called "Castles in the Sun."  Children can trace the shapes and then color them in or they can glue pre-cut shapes and glue them to black paper to make a castle. This idea is from


Paul Klee Art

Science: (second circle)

Have a review of the layers of the Earth.


Layers of the Earth (can be found in many Montessori Catalogs)