Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson - A Bonsai plant and pictures of Cherry Blossom trees

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Botany 24

Boys and girls this is a Bonsai plant. Bonsai are potted trees or shrubs that have been pruned and trained so that they grow no more than three feet high.These plants are dwarfed trees created long ago in Asia. The word Bonsai is Japanese for tree in a pot. So Bonsai plants are very common in Japan. Even though they are small, they look like a full size tree growing in a forest. Bonsais are living plants that will get bigger if nothing is done to keep them small. Let's look at this plant. What parts of the plant do we see? What is down here inside the soil? What does this Bonsai need to keep growing? So it will keep growing unless it is pruned which controls the size of the plant. Pruning is a technique for tapping the natural tendency of plants to grow to create shapes that are pleasing to the eye. When and in what shape the branches are cut vary depending on the type of plant. The Juniper Bonsai tree is one kind of Bonsai that is a favorite one to grow.

A Bonsai is a tree in a pot. Bonsai is an art form that is different from other types of art because it is a living art. A Bonsai plant needs special care and attention to grow properly. We are going to add this Bonsai plant to our Botany shelf and enjoy this little tree.

Another common plant seen in Japan is the Cherry Blossom Tree. The arrival of Cherry Blossoms signals the end of chilly winter weather in Japan. Some people of Japan celebrate the Cherry Blossoms by having a picnic outside under the beautiful trees. The Japanese like Cherry Blossoms because the shape and color of the petals represent beauty, purity, and simplicity. The blossoms are also special because they are fragile and short-lived, scattering just a few days after they flower.



Additional Works:

Grow a Potato Bonsai - I haven't tried this yet, but I plan on it. You can grow a little Bonsai using a potato! It seems like such a neat idea.

Bamboo - Learn about the Bamboo plant. Children can practice rolling up bamboo sushi mats.


Mat Rolling


Bonsai Coloring and Cherry Blossom Painting

Cherry Blossoms - Children can use pieces of pink and white tissue paper to add blossoms to a pre-cut branch or tree shape. Children could also paint a tree trunk and then add the tissue paper pieces.


Bonsai Coloring



Bonsai Coloring


Cherry Blossoms

Presidents: (second circle)

Need for Lesson - Washington and Lincoln Card Set.

Talk with the children about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. This is a good time to also talk about money and have a Penny Polishing work in Practical Life. Lemon juice and salt work great to make pennies shine!

Additional Works:

 Money Tray - I added money, real and play for children to go along with the book. Book from

Penny Game - This is from

Coin Stamping


Money Tray and Booklet (


Penny Game (


Coin Stamping


Coloring Pages

Puppets (from

George Washington Wall Hanging - Made with a paper plat and a silhouette of Washington. (idea from

George Washington - This is an idea from another teacher I worked with.

Abraham Lincoln - Made with a child's shoe tracing shape and a painted hand print for the beard.


Coloring Pages


Puppets (


George Washington Wall Hanging (





Practical Life:

Penny Polishing - Tray having pennies, lemon juice, salt, q-tips, small bowl, and a container/holder for clean pennies.


Penny Polishing