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Science 55

We are going to talk about simple machines today. What do you think a simple machine is? A machine is a device that makes work easier to perform. They help in one or more than one way; 1) It could be help with transferring a force from one place to another. 2) Changing direction of a force. 3) Increasing the magnitude of a force. 4) Increasing the speed or distance of a force.

All machines are made up of one or more of the six simple machines.

The six simpe machines are:

                                               1) Lever
                                               2) Wheel ans Axle
                                               3) Pulley
                                               4) Wedge
                                               5) Inclined Plane
                                               6) Screw

Individually, or by themselves, each of these machines are called simple machines. When two or more simple machines are combined in such a way as a single mechanism, it is called a complex machine. We are going to look at some simple machine pictures and decide which kind they are.



Simple Machines

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Need for lesson - Spanish School Things matching cards. Have a review of school things in Spanish.


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