Geography: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Map of Asia and pictures from Japan, including a kimono, or a real one if available.

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Geography 36

We have started to talk about the continent of Asia. Now we want to look at the map and find the country of Japan. Japan is actually an archipelago or string of islands on the east side of Asia. The four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku. The islands have mountains, hills, forest, and many volcanoes. The people of Japan are known for being hard workers. The children are taught to show respect to others, especially their parents. Fish, rice, and vegetables are common foods of Japan, and the common language is Japanese. Some animals that are found in Japan are Japanese monkeys, brown bears, tropical snakes, and the Japanese deer.

During festivals or other special times many Japanese will wear traditional robes called kimonos. The patterns on kimonos change with the seasons to reflect the seasonal changes in nature. Fans are also an important part of Japanese culture. Fans symbolize friendship and respect. They are given on special occasions and are also used in Japanese dance. In Japan the people have strong family ties and demonstrate respect for authority. In Japan it is polite to greet one another by bowing.

Lets look at some pictures from Japan.





Kimono Coloring - Provide pictures of kimono robes for the children to color.

Fan Making - Children can make a Japanese fan.  I like for the children to water color them, as it gives them a softer look when finished.


Coloring Pages



Science: (second circle)

Have a review of teeth.

What do teeth do for us?
What are some kinds of teeth?
How can we take care of our teeth?
What happens to baby teeth?

Additional Works:

Teeth Games (Game two is from

Teeth 1-20 - Children can put the teeth in order from 1-20. I also make it a work that the children can glue on the teeth and color the alligators and take them home. (from


Teeth Game One


Teeth Game Two (


Teeth 1-20 (