Geography: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Map of Asia, picture of The Great Wall of China, and a Tangram Puzzle.

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Geography 34

Let's look at the map of Asia. This large country is called China. It has a variety of landscapes including mountains, deserts, plateaus, and forests. The tallest mountain on earth borders China. It is called Mount Everest. Many animals live in China. Tigers, and the giant pandas are some of them. The giant panda is unique to China and they are an endangered species. What does that mean, endangered? Giant pandas eat bamboo plants. There are about 12 reserves in China dedicated to saving the giant pandas.

Some foods that are common to China are things like rice, noodles, chicken, pork, beef, duck, and fish. Some popular soups are, hot and sour, won ton, and egg drop. How many of you like Chinese food? What do you like to eat the most?

A popular symbol of China is the dragon. The dragon was the symbol of the Emperor of long ago, or of Ancient China. An emperor is like a king, but he would be considered the supreme ruler. In China the dragon symbolizes wealth, wisdom, power, and nobility. Another popular thing in China is, The Great Wall of China. It was built over 2000 years ago by several different Chinese Emperors to help protect the people. The Great Wall of China is considered of the one of The Seven Wonders of the World because it is such an amazing thing. Building the wall was hard work back then and it took many years and many men to build it. The wall is wide enough for two cars to drive up on the top of it! People can go and see this Wall of China. They may even take a walk on the top of it, or ride a bike along it.

A popular game from China is to play Tangrams. Tangrams are a kind of puzzle using only seven pieces, in the shapes of triangles and quadrilaterals. The objective of the puzzle is to form a figure using all of the seven tangram pieces. You can form things such as animals or objects.



The Great Wall of China


Tangram Set

Additional Works:

Panda Stacking Dolls - These are great, and children really like to work with them.


Stacking Dolls


Dragon - There are many different ways you can decide to do dragons for art. This is just one idea.


Dragon Art

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Teeth model, toothbrush, and floss.

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Science 54

We have started to talk about our teeth. Teeth help us to do what?  We have different kinds of teeth and they do different jobs. Some help us with biting or chewing. We need to take care of our teeth. It is important that we visit a dentist regularly. What is a dentist? How many of you have been to the dentist? Dentist help us to take good care of our teeth. We want to have healthy strong teeth. After your baby teeth fall out, the only other teeth you will have are the adult ones, so it is important to take care of them. After we eat, bacteria go crazy over the sugar on your teeth. The bacteria break it down into acids that eat away tooth enamel causing holes called cavities on your teeth. Taking care of teeth helps prevent plaque, which is a clear film of bacteria that sticks to teeth. So we want to brush and floss our teeth to keep the plaque off.

The foods we eat can help our teeth or harm our teeth.  Eating too many sugary foods can be harmful to teeth, especially if we are not brushing them. What might some good foods be for our teeth?

This is a model of the teeth that we can practice to brush and floss.

Demonstrate work.


Teeth Model

Additional Works:

Tooth Sequence - Children line up teeth smallest to largest. (from

Brushing Sequence - These are sequence cards with the steps of brushing one's teeth.

Dentist Matching - I made this with stickers all about the dentist.

Teeth Counting 1-10 - I believe I ordered these teeth erasers from and made them into a counting work. They can be used for simple subtraction or for counting out onto the Number Rods for younger children. 

Sorting - Children sort things that are good for teeth and things that are not so good. (from



Sequence (






1-10 Counting


Sorting (


Tooth Brushes - Children can glue the bristle part of the brush onto a popsicle stick and cut the bristles. They can then paint or color the sticks. (idea from

Door Hangers -The children color them and then use a pipe cleaner to hang them with. (from


Tooth Brush Art (


 Door Hanger Art (


Are Your Teeth Clean and White? (tune- Do Your Ears Hang Low)

Are your teeth clean and white?
Do you brush them every night?
Do you brush them in the morning?
Do you brush them right?
Do you brush them side to side?
Are your teeth clean and white?
Do you floss them good,
to remove the bits of food?
Do you floss them every day,
like you know you should?
Do you take good care of the teeth that are there?
Do you floss them good?

Brush Your Teeth (tune- Row Row Row Your Boat)

Brush, brush, brush your teeth, at least two times a day.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,
Fighting tooth decay.
Floss, floss, floss your teeth, every single day
Gently, gently, gently, gently,
Whisking plaque away.
Rinse, rinse, rinse your teeth every single day
Swishing, swishing, swishing, swishing,
Fighting tooth decay.