Science:  (first circle)

Need for lesson - Glass of water, sheet of white paper, and a sunny day. You can also use a prism (MontessoriServices) on a sunny day.

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Science 50

We have talked about the water cycle. What is the water cycle? When clouds fill up with many many water droplets, they will at some point become too heavy and fall to the ground as rain. Rain helps the earth in different ways. How does rain help the earth? What do we call it when there is too much rain? A flood can happen if it just rains and rains, sometimes it can rain for two or three days! Floods can also happen from too much snow melting. The rivers start to overflow and water goes everywhere. It is a flood. Sometimes the water can get into the houses and cause damage that has to be fixed.

What might we see in the sky if it is raining, but not too much, because the sun is still out? A rainbow can be seen in the sky when there are water drops in the air and the sun is shining at the same time. Let's see if we can make a rainbow.  We have some water in this jar, so it will be our rain. The sun is out today so we need need a sunny spot, and we have a piece of paper. We are going to put the glass of water at the very edge of the table in a spot where the sun can shine through it. Now if we put our white paper on the floor we might just see a rainbow appear on the paper (adjust the paper and water until the rainbow appears).

What was happening to make the rainbow appear? Light is made up of a lot of colors. When light passes through the water, it is broken up into the colors seen in a rainbow!






Rainbow Painting - Children can make rainbows using the dot paint or even Bingo markers from the Dollar Store. Have lines already drawn out on the paper for younger children to apply dots to.

Rainbow Collage - Using the eggshells that were crushed in Practical Life from Week 9 Day 2 of the curriculum pages, color them red, orange, green, blue, and purple with food coloring. Children can make a rainbow with the crushed colored shells. You can also have pre-cut squares of rainbow colors and make a collage with those as well.

Cloud and Colors - Have pre-cut cloud shapes that the children can glue cotton balls onto. Have strips of paper in rainbow colors that the children can then glue and have hang from their clouds.

Coffee Filters - Provide coffee filters and spray bottles with rainbow colored water in each one. Children can spray the filters and watch the colors as they blend. You can also use just the primary colors and the children will see them mix together which will allow for a review of primary and secondary colors.

Rainbow Art Kit - This painting kit was at one of the schools I worked with. Children used a sponge type brush to paint the rainbow. It was really neat. I found a poem that went along so well with the lesson!


Rainbow Painting


Rainbow Collage


Cloud with Rainbow Colors


Rainbow Art Kit

Practical Life:

Rainbow Pom-Poms - Children place the colored pom-poms along the rainbow. This picture shows a dvd and some pencils. They are not used for the work, I used the dvd to make the colored circles along the rainbow.


Rainbow Pom-poms (no dvd and pencils on the work tray)

Additional Works:

Rainbow Ice - Provide water, a large mixing bowl, food coloring, salt, and a large shallow pan. Fill the bowl with water, leaving an inch from the top and freeze it. Place the bowl inverted in the pan. Tap on the sides. The ice will slip into the pan. Children can take turns shaking on some salt. This will melt and make holes in the ice. Next drop food coloring over the ice. Children can watch the colors run over the ices it melts.


Rainbow Ice


Rainbow Paintbox  by Helen H. Moore

 I can see a rainbow,
when the rain has gone away.
All the colors of the rainbow
I can name them all for you today:
Red there is, a rosy red, a red so bright and bonny,
and orange as a tiger lily, so bold and tawny,
yellow as the blazing sun, that gives us all our light,
and green grass beneath our feet,
blue as the sky so bright.
There’s indigo, as dark as night,
and violet like flowers.
These are the colors nature paints
the sky with after showers.


Spanish: (second circle)

Have a review of colors and weather words in Spanish.


Spanish - Colors


Weather Cards