Artist: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Post Impressionism post card set.

Index File Card

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Art 13

We have talked about some artist like Claude Monet and Mary Cassatt who were considered Impressionist Artist. Another group of artist were considered Post-Impressionism Artist. These were a group of French painters who pictured appearances by strokes of unmixed colors to give the impression of reflected light. Post-Impressionist art is characterized by bright and sharp outlined edges.

Paul Cezanne was an artist who was considered a Post-Impressionist artist. We talked about him a few months ago when were learning about nutrition and talking about fruits and vegetables. He was the man who liked to paint still life paintings of fruit, and some of you chose to make a still life painting of fruit, like he did. Let's look at some other pictures of  paintings that were made by Post-Impressionist artist and learn some of their names.

Look at post card set together and highlight some of the painting details, pointing out the reflected light in them.



Artist Card Set

Additional Works:

Water Color Painting - This is from 'Art Masterpieces to Color'. The Post-Impressionist artist is George Seurat.


Watercolor - Seurat

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Antarctica card set (from

Look at and discuss the pictures with children and have a brief review of Antarctica. The pictures will be of places and animals of Antarctica.


Antarctica Card Set


Antarctica Animals - Children trace an outline of the continent of Antarctica onto a blue paper plate. They will paint the inside with glue and then sprinkle white sand onto the glue. I found some animals on the internet that are found in Antarctica. The children color and glue the animals around the sand continent.


Antarctica Animals - Art


Antarctica Animals - Art

Additional Work:

Animals of Antarctica Booklets - These are from I staple the pictures into little booklets and made a list for the children to use as they write down the names of the animals on each page.


Animals of Antarctica - Booklets