Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson -  A globe that shows the equator line and pictures of Winter things (

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Science 43

We have been talking about Winter. Winter is the coldest time of the year. If we are having Winter which season is the Southern Hemisphere of the earth having (show globe)? Summer. In the Winter what can happen to some lakes and ponds? They can freeze. If they are safely frozen people like to ice skate or go ice fishing on them. What do you think ice fishing is? 

Many plants in Winter take a long rest like the animals that hibernate. These plants do not grow fruit, flowers, or grains. We call plants that rest dormant. Even though Winter time is a time for rest for some animals and plants, it can be a fun time for many different activities for people. Let's think of some things we can do in the Winter. Make snowmen, ski, sled, ice skate... etc. How do you make a snowman?

Discuss the pictures of Winter scenes and things.


Winter Card Set

Additional Works: 

Snowmen Matching

Snowmen 1-10 Counting

Snowmen 1-20 - These snowmen are from I added numerals 1-20 onto them. The children place them across their mat in order and then write the numerals on the receipt tape paper which is rolled out to the length of the snowmen. 

Teen Snowballs - These are snowmen cards I made and I decided to make it a teen counting. The pom-pom are the snowballs to be counted out. Teach the children to count them out in two columns and then teach odd and even numbers. The snowballs that do not have a partner are called odd and those that do have a partner are even numbers. (An extension to Cards and Counters - a Montessori Math Material.) The snowmen are from that I colored and added numerals 11-19 to. 

Snowman Melting - These are from


Snowmen Matching


Snowmen Matching


Counting 1-10


Snowmen Numbers 1-20


11-19 Counting


Snowman Melting Sequence

Practical Life: 

Build a Snowman - I made this work out of felt pieces. The children build the snowman body and then they can add the hat, scarf, and mittens. 

Winter Sequence - These are buttons that the children place in sequential order as on the card onto the pipe cleaner. 

Lacing - These are from Scholastics Book Club. 


Build a Snowman


Winter Sequence


Lacing Cards


Need for Lesson - The book, Winter Friends or other book of choice. Pine cones, bird seed, and peanut butter if it is safe to do so. (Due to allergies, it may be a peanut free school). Another nut butter could be used as well.

Talk with the children about feeding the birds in the winter. Children can each make their own feeder to take home to hang outside.


Winter Friends


Making Bird Feeders



I built a little snowman.
He had a carrot nose.
Along came a bunny,
And what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny
Looking for his lunch,
Ate that snowman's nose,
Nibble, nibble, crunch!


I am a snowman cold and white,
I stand so still all through the night.
I have a carrot nose way up high,
And a lump of coal for each eye.
I have a muffler colored red,
And a tall black hat upon my head.

Snowman Hokey Pokey (from, each child gets a snowman to use for the song)

You put your snowman up, you put your snowman down,
You put your snowman up and you shake him all around.
You do the snowman pokey and you turn yourself around,
Two stomps on the ground.

You put your snowman in front
You put your snowman in back,
You put your snowman in front and you give your knee a whack.
You do the snowman pokey and you turn yourself around,
Two stomps on the ground.

You touch your snowman to your head,
You touch your snowman to your toe,
You touch your snowman to your head and you shake it to and fro,
You do the snowman pokey and you turn yourself around,
Two stomps on the ground.


Snowmen Props

Six Little Snowmen

6 Little snowmen standing in a row,
Each had a hat and a big colored bow.
Out came the sun and it shone all day
One little snowman melted away.

5 little snowmen standing in row,
Each had a hat and a big colored bow
Out came the sun and it shone all day
One little snowman melted away.

...continue until all snowmen have melted.


Six Little Snowmen Props

I made these with craft foam and ribbon.The sun is a wooden one from a craft store. Pass snowmen out to six children and a seventh gets the sun. As we say the poem the child with the sun walks over to a snowman and shines on it and then that child makes his snowman melt down to the ground.

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Salt, ice cubes, small glass with water, and thread pieces cut 10-12 inches. (from

Talk with the children about what an ice cube is. How does it feel? Add an ice cube to glass of water. Does the ice sink or float? Do you think we can pick up the ice cube with a piece of thread? Let children explore with the ice and thread. What would happen if we added salt? Place the thread on the ice cube and sprinkle some salt on top of both. Talk about what is happening. Discuss with the children how salt melts ice. In places where people live that has cold snowy and icy Winters use salt to help melt the ice on the roads and sidewalks.