Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of snowflakes and coffee filter snowflake work.

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Science 42

We are going to talk about snowflakes today. Who likes to play in the snow? What is snow? We have talked about the water cycle. What happens as the water vapors rise to the air? What can we see forming in the sky? Clouds. For it to snow the tops of the clouds must be below 32 degrees in temperature. That is cold! So if the temperature in the cloud is warmer than that what will fall from the clouds? Rain. So if it is cold in the clouds snow falls instead. We get snowflakes instead of raindrops. Snow is frozen water. Snowflakes start as ice crystals that form in the cold clouds and that are the size of a speck of dust, so so tiny. When the crystals fall they join up with other crystals to form a snowflake. The size of a snowflake depends on how many crystals hooked together. This is why out of all the snowflakes to fall from the sky it is very hard to find any that are exactly alike. As snow falls snowflakes connect to make bigger snowflakes.

We can make snowflakes by folding and cutting a coffee filter (demonstrate work).

What are some fun things do you like to do in the snow?


Snowflakes (from: The Snowflake by Kenneth Libbrecht)


Snowflakes (from: The Snowflake by Kenneth Libbrecht)


Coffee Filter Snowflake Art


Snow on...Booklet - I cannot remember where I found these, but it is a booklet with different things to find the snow on.

Snowflake Magnets - These are craft sticks with cut edges, glued together with a piece of a magnet srtip glued on the back for children to paint.


Snow Booklet


Snowflake Magnets

Additional Works:

Snowflake Subtraction


Snowflake Subtraction

Practical Life:

Snowflakes - These are wooden snowflakes from a craft store that I painted and  traced the outline of them on paper and the children match them to the outlines.

Build a Snowflake - This is an idea from I made the snowflake pieces out of craft foam.

Snow on the Tree - These are little plastic snowflakes that children can place around the evergreen tree. Both are from a craft store.





Build a Snowflake


Winter Tree


Snowflakes and Cupcakes

If all of the snowflakes were chocolate covered cupcakes
Oh, what a wonderful snow that would be.
I'd go outside with my mouth opened wide
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
If all of the snowflakes were chocolate covered cupcakes
Oh, what a wonderful snow it would be.


Snowflakes (tune - Mary had a Little Lamb)

Snowflakes falling
From the sky, from the sky, from the sky
Snowflakes falling from the sky
To the earth below
Watch them as they
Dance and whirl, dance and whirl, dance and whirl
Watch them as they dance and whirl
Soft white Winter snow.



One little snowflake with nothing to do
Along came another, and then there were two.
Two little snowflakes laughing with me
Along came another, and then there were three.
Three little snowflakes looking for some more
Along came another ,and then there were four.
Four little snowflakes dancing a jive
Along came another, and then there were five.
Five little snowflakes having so much fun
Out came the sun, then there were none!


Snowflake Props

I use these for the Snowflake Poem above it. The children holding the snowflakes all melt down as the other children hold open their arms for the sun coming out.

(Second Circle)

Act out the story from yesterday, The Hat by Jan Brett