Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Winter works that you may have.

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Science 41

We talked about animals that hibernate and some that migrate for the Winter. We also learned that there are some animals that sleep only on the coldest days of Winter. Then on warmer days they wake up and hunt for food. Some of these animals are squirrels, foxes, and rabbits. Remember when we talked about how squirrels hide nuts in the Fall? Well, on those warmer Winter days they go hunt for food,  digging up some of those nuts they buried. Animals that are busy looking for food during Winter are animals that stay active during the Winter. They are not hibernating and they do not migrate. Winter birds are very busy looking for food to stay active and warm. Maybe you will see some of these animals that are active during the Winter months.


Additional Works:

Winter Matching - These where stickers from Scholastic Book Club many years ago. (I let the children know that some of these Winter pictures are silly, like the penguin ice skating.)

Winter Sensory Tub


Winter Matching


Winter Sensory


Winter Birds

Two little Winter birds,
Sitting in a tree,
One is a cardinal, one is a chickadee
Fly away cardinal, fly away chickadee,
Come back cardinal, come back chickadee.
Two little Winter birds, we love you
Stay with us the Winter through!

"Where is Black Bear?" tune - "Where is Thumbkin?" (from

Where is black bear?
Where is black bear?
Here I am!
Here I am!
How are you this Winter?
Very tired, thank you
Go to sleep.
Go to sleep.

Second Circle:

Need for Lesson - The book, The Hat, by Jan Brett and props to go with the story.

Before you read the story, remind the children about Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Let the children know that The Hat is a Fictional story and that after reading it, we are going to act it out. It will help us to retell the story as we take turns to play the characters in the story. Read the story . On you can print out the characters from the story and perform a little play. I gathered some baby clothes and made the other pieces of clothing from the story. With younger children, I read the book each time and have the children act out the story as we read it. I am quiet during the reading of the story where the characters would have a line and the children will say these lines as we read the story. It is very fun, the children really enjoy 'acting' out this little play.


"The Hat" Props