Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of a temperate deciduous forest and a temperate coniferous forest.

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Science 39

We have talked about a tropical rain forest biome. What is it like in a tropical rain forest? There are other kinds of forest on the earth. There is what is called a temperate coniferous forest and a temperate deciduous forest. We have talked about coniferous trees, those that stay green and do not lose their leaves in the fall. So what kind of trees do you think you would find in a coniferous forest? We also learned about deciduous trees. Those kind of trees have leaves that change color and lose their leaves. So what kind of trees do you think you would see in a deciduous forest?  You can also see both kinds of trees together in a forest. These forest have cold, warm, and hot temperatures. We can say that they get weather from all four seasons.

Some of the animals that live in these two forest are bears, deer, foxes, owls, and woodpeckers. The important thing for the animals is that the forest habitat provides three main things for them They are able to find food, water, and shelter. What does shelter mean?  Forest are nice places to visit. There may be a lake in a forest that is on a mountain. People like to go hiking and camping in forest. Have you been to a forest biome before?



Forest Sample Pictures

Additional Works:

Forest Animals Coloring

Rabbit Habitat Game - This is a game from Macmillan. The children have to collect shelter, food, and water cards as they go around the board.


Forest Animals


Habitat Game

Botany: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Pictures of Evergreen Trees (

Have a little review of evergreen trees and learn the names of some evergreen trees.


Evergreen Trees


Additional Work:

Planting Seeds - I found this little terrarium at a hobby store. It is to plant a Pine Tree! I thought we would give it a try.


Pine Tree Terrarium