Geography: (first circle)

Need for lesson -  Map of Africa, pictures Egypt, and an art activity of choice.

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Geography 28

Let's look at our map of Africa. We have said that Africa has many countries. This country is called Egypt. We are going to talk about Egypt. Most of Egypt is all desert. What is it like in a desert? Modern Egypt, or the Egypt of today has many people living in big busy cities. We will talk mostly about Ancient Egypt, the Egypt of long ago. Many people today like to visit the area that still has things from long ago in Ancient Egypt.

The Nile River was a very important water source for the people of Ancient Egypt. This river helped farmers to grow different foods. Barley and wheat were important grains for them. They could grind up the wheat and make breads. They also grew melons, garlic, leeks, and lettuce. 

Ancient Egyptians made beautiful jewelry and clothes. Everyone wore make-up and perfume, even the men. There was little wood in the desert so they built there homes from bricks of sun dried mud. They were very skilled builders. They built ships and pyramids. Pyramids are still there today. It is often one of the things people like to go and see when they visit Egypt. These pyramids were built out of stone and were special tombs for the kings, called Pharaohs. Maybe you have heard of King Tut. He was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

Music and dance were also an important part of Ancient Egypt. Instruments like flutes, harps, cymbals, and bells were often played at festivals and parties. The river was a place for relaxing, swimming, fishing and games.

Demonstrate art activity.



Pyramids - I ordered these from The children can color and glue the pyramids together.

Headbands - These are also from

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Artist: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Monet and some pictures of his paintings (from  The art table set up with a vase of sunflowers, pencils, paint, and paper.

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Art 10

Impressionism is a kind of art. We talked a little about how these types of artist would paint a picture and not use many details, so it gives you an impression of what they painted.  One such artists name was Claude Monet. He was born in France, a country in Europe, the red continent on our continent globe. Monet liked painting bouquets of flowers. He painted many still life pictures of flowers. One of these paintings he called Sunflowers. It is a still life painting of some sunflowers in a vase (show picture). Monet also loved painting water scenes that showed reflections of buildings, bridges, and flowers on the surface of ponds and lakes. What is a reflection? Another famous painting of his is called Waterlilies (show picture). We have learned about waterlilies. Do these lilies and flowers show details or does it give you the impression of waterlilies and flowers?

Let's look at some other paintings by Claude Monet. I will tell you what they are called. Remember artists name their work.

Demonstrate the three-part matching cards and sunflower painting.



Claude Monet Paintings


Sunflower Art

Additional Works:

'Sunflowers' Painting - This is from Art Masterpieces to Color by Dover.

Waterlilies - Children can paint their own picture of waterlilies.




Waterlily Art