Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - Types of Grains vocabulary cards; rice, corn, oats, and pictures of foods from the grain food group.

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Science 33

We are going to talk about the grain food group today. Grains come from plants. They come from plants called grasses. Grains grow from the flower of grasses. We know that fruit grows from the flower of some plants, but grains grow from the flowers of grass plants. When grains grow they are seeds. Not fruit with seeds inside of them but just seeds all by themselves.

One kind of grass is wheat. At first wheat grass is green. When the grains of wheat are ready to to  picked the grass turns a golden color. Other kinds of grasses are barley and rice. This is rice (show). Corn is another kind of grass plant. We know about corn. These are grains of corn (show). Oat is another kind of grass. When oats are picked they look like seeds, but the oats are rolled flat and look like this (show). Remember when we talked about corn being ground up to make corn tortillas? So some grains like corn and oats can be rolled and crushed to make other things with. So all grains are seeds that are from grass plants. Some are called wheat, oats, millet, barley, and corn. Grains are from the flower part of grasses. Not like fruits, with seeds inside of them but seeds all by themselves that we can eat.

So if a food is made with grains it belongs to the grain food group. Lets look at some pictures of grain foods.

Demonstrate Types of Grains.



Grain Food Cards

 Additional Works: 

Grain Foods Matching - These are pictures I made into a matching work.


Grain Foods Matching Cards


Kinds of Grains- I cannot remember where I found this grains worksheet. I will add it as soon as I do. Have on a tray different grains for the children to glue onto the plants and the foods they become onto the bowls.


Grains Art


Grains Art

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson - South American plants, animals, and places cards( A food or drink from South America, and music.

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Geography 24

Which sport is popular in South America? Soccer, but they call it football. Which two languages are mostly spoken in South America? Portuguese and Spanish. Basket weaving is something you would see in the country of Columbia, but Columbia is best known for its coffee. Coffee trees grow on the slopes of mountains and Columbia has many of these. Cocoa beans, that are used to make chocolate also grow in South America. The cocoa beans are from trees that grow in tropical climates around the equator. Once the beans are harvested and dried they are shipped around the world to be processed and turned into different chocolate foods.

In the country of Argentina, a cowboy is called Gaucho. They are very good horsemen. In the country of Peru, there is a group of people called Incas. They speak a language called Quechua and wear beautiful bright clothing and head-coverings.

Let's look at some of the plants, animals, and places that are common to South America. We will listen to some music from Argentina and Peru while we enjoy a chocolate snack.




South America Card Set

Additional Works:

Animals of South America (Montessori catalogs) 

Animals of South America Booklets (from In the picture, I left the booklets unstapled so you can see the animals. I also made a list for the children to copy the names from. Be sure the order of pages in the booklet match the list so children can go down the list as they turn the pages.


South America - Animals


Animals of South America -  Booklets