Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson - A plant, carrot, celery stalk, spinach leaves, and vegetable vocabulary cards.

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Science 26

We have learned that fruits are the flowering part of a plant that has seeds. Fruits are from the flower part of a plant. To learn what a vegetable is we have to know the other parts of a plant. We have learned them already but lets have a review using this plant. Its roots are under the ground, in the dirt. This is the stem part coming up out of the ground. Off the stem we see leaves growing. So all plants, even trees have a root, stem, and leaf.

A vegetable can be the root, stem, seed, or leaf of a plant that we eat. This carrot is the root of the plant. Beets, turnips, and radishes are also the root part of a plant that we eat. These kinds of vegetables grow under the ground so when we eat them we are actually eating the root of the plant!

Some vegetables are the stem part of a plant like this celery. The stem is the part that helps to hold the plant up. Asparagus is another stem part of the plant that we eat.

We eat other vegetables that are the leaf part of a plant. This spinach is the leaf, that we eat. Lettuce and cabbage are other leaf parts that we eat.

Corn, peas, and peanuts are examples of the seed part of a plant that we eat.

Now tricky vegetables are broccoli and cauliflower. These are the flower parts of the plant. We eat the flower part of these plants.They do not have seeds inside of them. That is how we know they are not a fruit. If it has seeds - it is a fruit. Broccoli and cauliflower do not so they are the flower part of a vegetable plant.

Let's look at pictures of vegetables and try to figure out which part of the plant it is that we eat. (Keep the potato, onion, corn, and pea pictures out for another day.)

Discuss vocabulary vegetable pictures



Vegetable Cards

Additional Works:

Vegetable Matching - These are cards for matching or can be used as a concentration game.

Growing Vegetable Soup Story


Vegetable Matching Cards


Vegetable Soup

Art: (second circle)

Need for lesson - Painting Mediums (


Art 4

Today we want to talk more about Art. Many of you like art work and we have talked about some famous artist. In art there is what is called a "medium".  A medium in art refers to the substance or materials, an artist or a designer uses to create a work. It can be paint, crayons, clay, marble, pencils, glass, metal, wood, and even brick. Today computers are also used to create what is called digital art.

In our classroom, many of us really like to paint. Today we are going to look at the many different kinds of paint mediums an artist can use.  

Discuss the cards and names of the kinds of paints with children.



Painting Mediums

Additional Work:

Provide different kinds of paint for the children to make pictures to experience with.


Paint Medium


Gray and Black Shades


Paint Medium