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Squirrels in the Fall

Posted by admin on September 27, 2011

Today we read about squirrels and talked about how busy they are in the Fall. We did a squirrel art activity with coffee grinds and sang songs about Fall and squirrels. The children really enjoyed the art activity and the classroom smelled of coffee which myself and the other teacher do not like!  Most of the children did like the smell and made cute squirrels using the coffee grinds for fluffly tails. In the song, "Nutty Squirrels", from Macmillan Seasonal Songs, the children acted out being little squirrels hunting for acorns. The other song we sang is about Fall called...

... "September" from Learning Through Music Cd. This song has a catchy tune and I hear the children singing it throughout the day. It is nice to hear the children repeating the things we have helped them to learn!  We learned a poem called Five Little Squirrels, which can be found on Week 5 Day 4 in the curriculum pages. I made it into a mat work that the children can act out.


Squirrel Art Activity


Squirrel Art Activity


Squirrel Art