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Ready for New School Year

Posted by admin on August 4, 2017

It is almost that time, the new school year! This is always a very busy time for teachers, preparing the classroom for the beginning of the year. Many things need to be considered in the Montessori Environment. It is important that everything is in its proper place and ready for the children to 'work' with. Each school has a plan for the first day or two of school. Some plan to schedule


one or two mornings for just the new students to come in. This gives them a chance to get a feel for room with a smaller group of children. Rules and routines can be discussed during a short circle. Other schools will divide the class in half and allow one day for one half and then on another day the rest of the children will have their turn. This provides a smaller group but with returning students to be the role models for the day, perhaps with older children working directly with a younger one, guiding them during the morning. Whichever way your school arranges for the new year to start, the room must be clean, orderly, and ready for the arrival of students.

Pencils sharpened, inset paper cut, name cards made, and having the sign in and out area for children set up are just some of the long list of things needed in the classrrom. Having songs that are not on CD written on index cards that you can put in your lap during circle can be helpful for new teachers. Plan out your week, having each days materials, art, lessons, etc. ready to go. Rules and routines will be the big focus during that first week. This is important because preparing lessons or art should not be done during class time. This belongs to the children.

Have observation notes and record keeping list ready as well langauge cards. Have fun and enjoy the upcoming year!